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Faith Care and Companion Services LLC

Your Trusted Home Care Provider in Manchester, CT and Surrounding Areas

Most often than not, a lot of us try our best to balance the daily duties and responsibilities that we have for work, school, home, and loved ones. Juggling all these commitments, finding enough time, and exerting effort to attend to each is no easy task. True enough, managing your hectic schedule and making important decisions can be quite overwhelming. However, it does not have to be this way, if you can have the help that you need.

Taking care of your loved ones is always a priority. You can easily make up for all the tasks that you have missed at school or at work, but when it comes to looking after and providing for the necessities of your elderly family members and loved ones, especially those that are in need of special care, is an entirely different situation. There may be times that you cannot be there for them, but with our help here at Faith Care and Companion Services, we can take good care of them on your behalf.

Faith Care and Companion Services is a home care provider in Manchester, CT dedicated to delivering the best in-home services, allowing your loved ones to receive the day-to-day help and personal care they need and deserve. Preserving their dignity and helping them enjoy a good quality of life is our goal. With our home care professionals, your loved ones will have help in going through their activities of daily living, support with diet getting the right nutrition, medication management, and light household chores, and will have access to skilled nursing care and joyful companionship.

For inquiries and other concerns, never hesitate to reach us at 860-796-4778 or We will care for your loved ones, allow us to help both of you out. With us, you know that you have provided them with the best possible care there

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