Quality Home Care Services in Manchester, CT and Surrounding Areas

Faith Care and Companion Services can be there for your loved ones when you cannot. Our team of dedicated home care professionals will work closely with your family and medical staff to ensure that we develop the most suited individualized home care service program for your loved ones. This way, you are well informed of the care they are about to receive and assured that each and every one of their needs is fulfilled. Here are some of the home care services that we offer in Manchester, CT and surrounding areas:

• Bathing Assistance

Properly taking care of one’s hygiene is crucial in staying healthy. Our ever compassionate staff will help your loved ones with their bath and grooming, including oral care, hair care, as well as foot and toe nail care assistance.

• Dressing Assistance

Illnesses, surgery, and other health conditions can make it hard for your loved ones to get dressed by themselves. Here at Faith Care and Companion Services, we will provide the help that they need.

• Walking Assistance

People with difficulty in walking are prone to painful trips and falls. With our help, these accidents can be avoided as your loved ones will be guided all throughout their walk.

• Meal Preparation / Diet Monitoring

Those with special needs also require a well taken care of diet and nourishment. We pay close attention to preparing a meal specifically for them, ensuring that they receive the best nutrition.

• Light Housekeeping

A clean and organized home provides a good living space. We will not only take care of your loved ones, but we will also maintain the orderliness at home.

• Errands and Shopping

We can also run your errands for you like shopping or accompany your loved ones to do the tasks together. This way, they can feel productive helping out in some needed chores.

• Medication Reminders

Regular intake of medications is vital to stay in good shape. People, especially the elderly, usually forget to take their meds. This is why we are here to remind and assist them to take theirs.

Joyful Companionship

The emotional state of your loved ones should also be addressed. We can provide healthy, social interactions that contribute a lot to their well-being. We are here to provide caring companionship and make your loved ones feel that they are never alone.

Faith Care and Companion Services cares. Let us help you. Reach us at 860-796-4778 or