How to Improve Senior’s Bowel Movement


The ability to pass regularly indicates that your gut health is in good shape. This guarantees that waste and other toxins are expelled from our bodies. You don’t need what remains after a healthy gut has absorbed all usable nutrients from food, and it’s critical to get rid of it.

As your friendly caregivers, we’d like to provide some basic strategies for encouraging regular bowel movements.

  • Consume More Fiber

    Incorporating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains into your diet can aid digestion and bowel movements. If you are unable to prepare meals for yourself, seek the assistance of home care services in Virginia.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

    Hydration is essential since excrement contains three-fourths of water and water aids in bowel movement.

  • Incorporate Fiber in Meals Little by Little

    Slowly incorporate it into your diet to avoid shocking your digestive system and causing constipation. Allow our companion care to assist you with food shopping and dinner preparation!

  • Take Action!

    Physical activities such as walking, running, or swimming can all promote motion, which aids in better gut health and makes passing easier.

  • Alter Your Stance on the Toilet

    Try putting your feet on the ground while sitting on the toilet so that your knees are higher than your seat or higher than normal.

Our in-home care in Manchester, Connecticut, hopes that these suggestions will help you or a senior loved one have regular bowel movements.

Faith Care and Companion Services LLC is a home care in Connecticut that provides consistent care to all clients. Our goal is to help you live a more independent and happier life in your own home by providing personalized services.

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