Strategies to Help Seniors with Medication Management


Medication adherence is a crucial aspect of senior care and in the management of chronic diseases. Poor compliance among the aging population can increase the risk of decreased functional abilities and the development of complications and other diseases. This can lead to increased treatment costs and a lower quality of life.

As a trusted provider of in-home care in Manchester, Connecticut, we will share effective strategies to help seniors with medication management:

  • Build a Routine
    Incorporating medications into one’s routine is an effective way to build the habit. By making medications a part of one’s morning or bedtime routine, it becomes easier to remember as well. Seniors and their caregivers can align this task with activities like meals especially if their medication requires that they take it on a full stomach.
  • Set Up Reminders
    Caregivers can help seniors set up timed reminders on their mobile devices. This will make it easier to remember to take their medications at certain hours during the day. Seniors can also opt for trendy reminder devices, such as a smartwatch to help with medication reminders.
  • Receive Professional Help
    Additionally, a provider of home care in Connecticut can assist your loved one with medication adherence. In-home caregivers can offer daily medication reminders to help seniors take their medications on time and at the right dosage. Having someone provide reminders may be more helpful for some seniors.

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