Ways to Achieve Healthy Sleeping Habits for Seniors


Seniors who don’t get enough sleep can experience a wide range of health problems, including increased stress levels and poor concentration. Sleep deprivation can also lead to poor decision-making, which in turn increases the risk of accidents and weight gain. These issues can be helped by having the right sleeping habits, which will help them get through the night without feeling groggy in the morning. As a licensed provider of in-home care in Manchester, Connecticut, we enumerated some ways to achieve healthy bedtime habits for seniors:

  • Bed Time Routine

    Establishing a routine at night can help you fall asleep faster. Create a series of steps that you follow every night before bed, such as meditating, reading, or listening to music.

  • Healthy Diet

    A poor diet will cause health problems and make it harder to sleep well. It is best to consult a home care in Connecticut to assist you in proper meal planning to have a healthy diet. It’s also important to avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and drugs (including over-the-counter medications), which can cause insomnia or interfere with your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Seek Companionship

    Companionship can help seniors feel less lonely and isolated, which are two common causes of poor sleep quality. To help seniors have a more restful night, find a trusted provider of companion care services in your area.

Here at Faith Care and Companion Services LLC, we’ve got a team of compassionate caregivers able to provide high-quality care for your loved ones.

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