When Should You Consider Home Care for a Senior?


We all desire to maintain our independence for as long as we can. However, we will eventually become limited due to physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. This is especially true as we reach advanced ages.

Our senior loved ones may not realize they require supportive care and may even be opposed to the idea. However, there will be indications that they require it and we can assist you in spotting them.

A few signs that a senior in need of home care services include:

  • Changes in Appearance and Personality:
    Hygiene concerns, poor diet, and excessive weight gain or loss are all symptoms that your loved one needs companion care services.
  • Trouble With Day-To-Day Tasks:
    If your loved one is unable to do basic daily duties, they may benefit significantly from home care, which includes assistance with food preparation, bathing, grooming, and light cleaning.
  • Appearing Lonely and Isolated:
    Recognizing that a senior is growing increasingly lonely is critical. This is because isolation can raise their risk of Dementia and Depression, lowering their quality of life considerably.
  • Showing Greater Memory Decline
    Forgetting to pay bills, missing medical appointments, and skipping medication are all indicators that a senior needs more help at home.

We at Faith Care and Companion Services LLC, a reliable provider of in-home care in Manchester, Connecticut, can help ensure your senior loved one’s optimal quality of life.

If you’re looking for home care in Connecticut that’s of the highest quality, let’s get in touch!

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